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November, 2016

  1. 5 Tips – How to use QR code for BLACK FRIDAY deal promotion

    November 23, 2016 by admin

    Black Friday free Premium account month

    Black Friday free Premium account month

    You are all working hard to provide better products and services to your clients. When you make special promotions for sale events or special days like Black Friday, it is always difficult to communicate your offer. There are so many different channels of communication, and it is hard to find right one (and measure success!).

    If you put your special offer in printed ad, or handout leaflets with your e.g. black friday deal, it is always good to make call to action and invite readers/customers to visit you website with explaining special deal. Keep in mind following:

    1. QR code should be easily scannable (avoid gigantic QR codes containing long URLs (internet links))

    2. Graphic designer should get your QR code in hi res or vector resolution

    3. When it goes to publisher/print you must be able to change it afterwards (to avoid mistakes like Red Bull promo)

    4. Cut advertising costs / Optimize which campaign/ad/leaflet is more successful (use different QR codes for each magazine or type of leaflet that you print)

    5. Measure success! (Know which QR code, when and with what device is scanned)

    All mentioned tips are easy to fulfill using dynamic QR codes with premium account.
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  2. How to add QR code signature to gmail (tutorial)

    November 10, 2016 by admin

    Gmail signature with qr code

    Our user Robert, asks as how to add HTML signature with QR code to gmail account.

    Hope that this will help you to have QR code signature in gmail.

    Login to your gmail on computer (browser) and go to settings.

    GMail signature with QR code

    GMail signature with QR code

    In other tab, login to you codeQRcode account and make new or choose existing QR code business card/QR signature.

    You can make your QR code email signature even with free account! But premium account will give you more detailed statistics and additional features (hi resolution/print export, more QR code signatures and premium support).

    Detailed comparison:

    Choose template and preview option. Right click on QR code image and save on your computer. Copy generated email signature (text).

    QR signature - email template generator

    QR signature – email template generator

    Go back to Gmail settings. Enable email signature. Paste your signature text and add saved QR code image.

    GMail mail signature add QR code and text

    GMail mail signature add QR code and text

    If you have any questions or have large number of business mail signatures, please contact our support!

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