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  1. QR Code for Business Cards

    March 20, 2018 by admin

    Why use QR Codes on Business Cards?

    Communicate easier, enable your clients to save your contact easier!

    Our QR codes are optimized, take less valuable space on your business card, and are easier to scan? How? We use special short domain name and smart redirection! You can relax and enjoy (and track statistics)

    Change contact details anytime without reprinting business cards (QR codes are dynamic)

    So you added your contact details, get vector QR code and printed business cards. If you change title, phone, mail… It is easy to update that info, but it will be also automatically updated on you business card QR code.

    Track statistics – make it a competition!

    With our service, you can track how many time your business card is scanned. If all your colleagues are using QR codes, you can make a small competition. Why is more popular? Who is sales super star?

    How to generate many QR business cards easily?

    If your company is medium sized, it could be really time consuming to add contact data for all your colleagues. But that is why we are here for you. You can send us an spreadsheet file (Excel, CSV or text) with desired data. (e.g. First, Last name, email, phone, position, messenger) We will import everything for you and deliver all QR codes via email!

    Scan and try one demo QR code:

    Or make yourself QR code for business card (available even for FREE accounts)


  2. Dynamic vs Static QR code?

    January 24, 2018 by admin

    Common question of our customers is “What is the difference between Static and Dynamic QR Codes?”

    Dynamic vs static QR code

    Dynamic vs static QR code

    Will try to explain. If we are talking about internet addresses encoded in QR codes (URL), Static QR codes are containing final destination where you will be redirected after scanning. Dynamic QR codes contain intermediate location that willl then redirect user to desired destination (URL).

    Because of that, Dynamic QR codes provide multiple advantages:

    • Easier to scan / smaller / more clear / error correction
      Because CodeQRCode uses very short URL for redirection ( our dynamic QR codes are smaller and much easier to scan. This is very important if you are printing your QR codes and your internet address is very long. With our Dynamic QR codes, your customers will scan QR codes faster with better success rate (they are not blurry or with too tiny squares)
    • Ability to change destination (URL) later
      It is very important to be able to change destination address after printing QR code (e.g. in your printed ad) or featuring QR code in advertising banner/bitmap graphic. You can login to codeQRcode dashboard anytime and redirect existing QR codes to new address!Imagine, printing business card, and in a few months you change your address or phone. If your client scans QR code on your old business card, he will always get up-to-date contact information!
    • Track statistics with Dynamic QR codes
      Even with free account you will have detailed statistics, how many times are your QR codes scanned, with what device type (e.g. Android or iPhone) and when.
      You can always compare that with your advertising campaigns, or if you pay Ad in two different magazines, if you use different QR code in each magazine, you will have feedback, what ad was more successful (scanned)!

    If you have a wordpress site you can install our new qr code wordpress plugin

    You can try for yourself, register for free and make a free dynamic QR codes

    Dynamic vs static QR code

    Dynamic vs static QR code

  3. 5 Important QR code tips

    January 19, 2017 by admin

    5 QR coding ideas


    1. Make QR easy to scan!

    PROBLEM: If QR code stores a lot of data (long web address or all the business card information) it becomes very big and many tiny squares and that make it very hard to scan. If QR code is hard to scan, customers will probably use it less so your information is lost and your web or printed campaign is without effect

    SOLUTION: use minimal amount of data stored in QR code or use dynamic QR codes with short domain name – like we use on our services, only 4 letters! That way, our dynamic QR codes are scannable event if they are smaller then 10mm! Or if you put it on billboard they will be scannable from greater distance

    2. Use Dynamic QR codes

    Print only once QR code on your product packaging, restaurant menu QR code or QR code on Business card!

    If there is a change in your web address (URL) or data on business card (e.g. phone or email) you can change withour reprinting dynamic QR code, because all the data is stored on server not on QR code itself. That and ability to track QR code scan statistics are primary reasons for using Dynamic QR codes!

    3. Error correction saves the day

    If your printed QR code becomes dirty or damaged (e.g. on product box or QR on business card) or part of QR code is not visible (e.g. some writing or lablel over part of it) not all is lost, it could still be scannable! All our dynamic QR codes contain 25% of additional data that helps scanning

    4. Choose good placing and message (slogan)

    It is very important how QR code is placed, if you are not sure, try scanning it yourself. It is always better to have QR codes in places that are easy for people to scan, better to have QR codes on bus stop (city light) then on billboard above customers head. If you add QR code to printed ad or product box, write some intriguing message like “Scan and find out” or “Scan and win” You must engage customer to scan your QR code, and visit your site, or leave their contact email. That way, QR code campaign success is guaranteed.

    5. Track statistics

    To measure success you must track scan statics. It will help you to find which printed ad is more successful (if you use the same creative for different magazines, just put different QR codes, and you will know which magazine is more popular/where your ad had more impact on readers). If your sales team handout business card or contact customers via email, put QR codes in their business cards or email signature, and find on one place which colleague had more success. Find out on what day, which campaign generated more sales leads and which device customer used more (so you will know if it is better to develop iOS or Android application).

    All mentioned techniques are implemented in our system, make free account and start your digital campaign.

  4. 5 Tips – How to use QR code for BLACK FRIDAY deal promotion

    November 23, 2016 by admin

    Black Friday free Premium account month

    Black Friday free Premium account month

    You are all working hard to provide better products and services to your clients. When you make special promotions for sale events or special days like Black Friday, it is always difficult to communicate your offer. There are so many different channels of communication, and it is hard to find right one (and measure success!).

    If you put your special offer in printed ad, or handout leaflets with your e.g. black friday deal, it is always good to make call to action and invite readers/customers to visit you website with explaining special deal. Keep in mind following:

    1. QR code should be easily scannable (avoid gigantic QR codes containing long URLs (internet links))

    2. Graphic designer should get your QR code in hi res or vector resolution

    3. When it goes to publisher/print you must be able to change it afterwards (to avoid mistakes like Red Bull promo)

    4. Cut advertising costs / Optimize which campaign/ad/leaflet is more successful (use different QR codes for each magazine or type of leaflet that you print)

    5. Measure success! (Know which QR code, when and with what device is scanned)

    All mentioned tips are easy to fulfill using dynamic QR codes with premium account.
    Try it now with free trial!

  5. How to add QR code signature to gmail (tutorial)

    November 10, 2016 by admin

    Gmail signature with qr code

    Our user Robert, asks as how to add HTML signature with QR code to gmail account.

    Hope that this will help you to have QR code signature in gmail.

    Login to your gmail on computer (browser) and go to settings.

    GMail signature with QR code

    GMail signature with QR code

    In other tab, login to you codeQRcode account and make new or choose existing QR code business card/QR signature.

    You can make your QR code email signature even with free account! But premium account will give you more detailed statistics and additional features (hi resolution/print export, more QR code signatures and premium support).

    Detailed comparison:

    Choose template and preview option. Right click on QR code image and save on your computer. Copy generated email signature (text).

    QR signature - email template generator

    QR signature – email template generator

    Go back to Gmail settings. Enable email signature. Paste your signature text and add saved QR code image.

    GMail mail signature add QR code and text

    GMail mail signature add QR code and text

    If you have any questions or have large number of business mail signatures, please contact our support!

    For 10% discount on premium account please use code> CQC10OFF

  6. How to make email signature with QR code?

    December 23, 2014 by admin


    If you wonder how to make email signature with dynamic QR code, we are happy to announce new functionality for you!

    New mail signature feature is available for all accounts, including free accounts!

    Now it is simple to create HTML that you can paste to your favourite mail client.

    So, how to make you mail signature ?

    How to create mail signature qr code

    How to create mail signature qr code

    1. Click “New QR code”

    if you do not have an account it is simple and free to create one here

    2. (optional step) Create QR code business card if you didn’t make one yet

    there you can enter all relevant data for your contact information that you find necessary

    (first name, last name, cellular phone, work phone, e-mail, job title, organization, department, street address, city, state, zip code, country, website url, facebook profile url, linkedin profile url, skype, google talk, live messenger, fax number, additional text, organisation logo)

    Note, if you want a company logo to be displayed in your mail signature, please copy paste logo URL in the filed “organisation logo”

    3. Click tab “QR signature”

    Here you can choose from the list of available QR business card contacts

    4. Click “Generate”

    there you can preview or copy paste your brand new mail signature!

    Sample preview:


    mail signature with qr code preview

    mail signature with qr code preview

    For your convenience we have prepared short video tutorial how to create mail signature

    Later you can always monitor statistics, when and how many times is your QR code scanned, what devices are used, etc.

    Scan statistics preview:

    QR code mail signature scan statistics

    QR code mail signature scan statistics

    When you or your associate scans QR code from you mail signature, he will be redirected to mobile landing page with all contact detail and option to save or save/send your vCard to his mobile phone/mail!

    Tip: If you create different QR code for mail client, mail phone, or business card you will know exactly where your contact data is more often scanned, and how frequent.

  7. oops – kernel panic

    May 30, 2014 by admin

    Linux has developed a new way to track kernel panic errors. OPW Intern Teodora Băluţă spent her three-month internship this year designing a program to capture and send Linux kernel crash and error messages, called oops, as QR codes. To capture oops as QR codes, Băluţă first had to research existing QR code libraries that were compatible with the kernel and could also handle a large amount of text. She also studied algorithms capable of compressing all of that data and ended up using the zlib inside the kernel code. Finally, she had to insert hooks into the various oops paths in the kernel to catch the outgoing messages that comprise the full oops message.

    Kernel panic

    Kernel panic

    Kernel developers use oops to find and fix programming errors that cause problems in the Linux kernel. Compressing them into QR codes solves several problems with this process, said PJ Waskiewicz, the Linux kernel developer who mentored Băluţă’s internship with Intel, funded by The Linux Foundation. For example, he said, “if I’m working on my laptop while traveling, and hit some obscure bug that I only see once every 3-4 months, I want to make sure to get a clean capture of the panic. I don’t have a serial console hooked up, I may be running some graphics workload that hangs the display, so the panic may have dumped the backtrace, but there’s no way to extract it. A QR code can encapsulate an entire oops and will still always fit on screen. Using KMS (kernel mode setting), it can also write the QR code to a portion of the framebuffer that will always be visible, so you never lose the panic”, Waskiewicz said. And in a QR code format, you don’t need to be a kernel developer to find, read and report an oops – just take a picture of the crash and send it to your favorite bug reporting software so a kernel developer can dig into it.

    Though her internship ended in March, Teodora is continuing with development of an Android app that will help process the kernel panic trace by taking a photo of the QR code, decoding it, and reporting it to a central database, such as or


  8. Sell your car like a pro

    May 12, 2014 by admin

    If you plan to sell your car or you already are in the process, your car might get something like this:



    Car for sale sticker


    If you expect people to call you, you should make a statement. You could set a low price (could be counterproductive), or make some other incentive for the caller. In any case, you can’t publish enough info on a small window sticker, and putting up a huge description will look plain ugly. What to do?

    Most people own a smartphone these days, and most of those support QR Codes. Why not utilize this and put a small QR code with all the info about the car. Heck, why not go to the extreme and build a mobile landing page? This action does not have to be too complicated, if you use the right tools.

    QR Code for sale

    First thing is to create a QR code. QR code can contain your phone number, so when people scan QR code, they can make a direct call to you. Other option is to put a text inside a QR, so it contains info about the car: manufacturer, model, year, engine type, .. and your contact details. When people pass by the car, they can scan the code and pick up all the info to their phone. Simply taking a photo of your sticker would do the same. So, how to make an impression. Use a QR code that leads to your mobile landing page, with pictures, car data and your contact details. It could look like this:


    QR - car sale

    QR for car sale

    QR code on the left could lead to your custom mobile landing page. Example shown above contains sample pictures and has no details. This page is easy to edit. Idea is to give people all the info they need, in a way they will love and they can take with them. This QR is reminder about your car, and it also contains all the info they need. Another important thing is it’s optimized for mobile devices.

    Mobile landing page


    Car sale mobile landing page

    If you want to reach people you need to aim for their mobile. If you get them to scan your QR, half of the work is done. Other half has to be the content. If you could put up a mobile landing page with pictures of your car, all the details, and your contact info .. that would be the best way to present your car. In the example to the right you can see a template of the mobile landing page for your car sales. You can get this service here >>

    You just need to type in your info, and replace pictures. No programming, no Web design course. This template will work on all mobile browsers, on any screen size, and will present your car with style. It will also work on any desktop or laptop computer. All you need to do is take it your car to a car wash and give it a new shine. Additional value here is option to send people direct link, so they can visit your mobile landing page from email (if they are nowhere near the car) or look at the data on their computer. It will work in all internet browsers.

    Final touch

    Don’t forget single most important thing – wash the car before showing it to buyers. “You can spend $10 washing the car and get another $200 for the car” – guess who said that?

  9. Find your Facebook profile ID

    April 30, 2014 by admin

    You can find your Facebook profile name in your account settings. When you login to Facebook, in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page you’ll find a small arrow (shown in the picture).


    Facebook settings button

    Facebook settings button

    Click on it and in the dropdown list select Settings. This will take you to the General Account Settings page of your Facebook profile. In the Username field you’ll find your Profile Name, after the Facebook URL (highlighted in picture). Just copy text after the

    Edit Facebook name

    Edit Facebook name

    This is your Facebook profile name, which you should copy to our Facebook QR code generator, in order to create your personalized Facebook QR code.

    If you wish to change this name into something more unique, you can do this by clicking on Edit button. Keep in mind that Facebook has the limit the number of times you can change your name, to make sure that everyone uses their real name. If you are not able to change your name, try contacting Facebook support.


  10. Facebook QR code generator

    April 29, 2014 by admin

    We have created a free QR code generator service for easier sharing of your Facebook Pages. Just enter your profile name and click the Button.

    This QR code will help you create easily scannable Facebook links. Once scanned QR will open Facebook app on mobile device (Smartphone, tablet, …) and in it the one of the pages you selected during QR code creation. offers several options for Facebook link: Profile, Photos, Fan Page and Albums. This way you can direct people to your profile page (Personal or Business), invite them to see your product or services galleries, thus inviting them to become your fans. Enjoy sharing!

    codeQRcode Facebook QR code generator

    Try our free Facebook QR Code generator here >>.


    Codes have been tested with latest versions of mobile devices. Some older devices may have problems interpreting the content.