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5 Important QR code tips

January 19, 2017 by admin

5 QR coding ideas


1. Make QR easy to scan!

PROBLEM: If QR code stores a lot of data (long web address or all the business card information) it becomes very big and many tiny squares and that make it very hard to scan. If QR code is hard to scan, customers will probably use it less so your information is lost and your web or printed campaign is without effect

SOLUTION: use minimal amount of data stored in QR code or use dynamic QR codes with short domain name – like we use on our services, only 4 letters! That way, our dynamic QR codes are scannable event if they are smaller then 10mm! Or if you put it on billboard they will be scannable from greater distance

2. Use Dynamic QR codes

Print only once QR code on your product packaging, restaurant menu QR code or QR code on Business card!

If there is a change in your web address (URL) or data on business card (e.g. phone or email) you can change withour reprinting dynamic QR code, because all the data is stored on server not on QR code itself. That and ability to track QR code scan statistics are primary reasons for using Dynamic QR codes!

3. Error correction saves the day

If your printed QR code becomes dirty or damaged (e.g. on product box or QR on business card) or part of QR code is not visible (e.g. some writing or lablel over part of it) not all is lost, it could still be scannable! All our dynamic QR codes contain 25% of additional data that helps scanning

4. Choose good placing and message (slogan)

It is very important how QR code is placed, if you are not sure, try scanning it yourself. It is always better to have QR codes in places that are easy for people to scan, better to have QR codes on bus stop (city light) then on billboard above customers head. If you add QR code to printed ad or product box, write some intriguing message like “Scan and find out” or “Scan and win” You must engage customer to scan your QR code, and visit your site, or leave their contact email. That way, QR code campaign success is guaranteed.

5. Track statistics

To measure success you must track scan statics. It will help you to find which printed ad is more successful (if you use the same creative for different magazines, just put different QR codes, and you will know which magazine is more popular/where your ad had more impact on readers). If your sales team handout business card or contact customers via email, put QR codes in their business cards or email signature, and find on one place which colleague had more success. Find out on what day, which campaign generated more sales leads and which device customer used more (so you will know if it is better to develop iOS or Android application).

All mentioned techniques are implemented in our system, make free account and start your digital campaign.